Sunday, September 5, 2010

IntraMAX Organic Liquid Multivitamin Review

My cousin introduced me to IntraMAX Organic Liquid Multivitamin last year. At first, she was hesitant to tell me about this wonderful product because she knew I'm the person who is not easily swayed by other peoples opinion. When she finally had the chance to visit me at home, she just asked me to try IntraMAX Vitamin Supplement. My initial reaction was very funny. I told her that I could do without vitamin supplements since I don't need to take them. I insisted that I was perfectly in shape and there was nothing wrong about my health. I really sounded firm about that. But I’m so thankful that my cousin was determined to win me over. And she did not need so much convincing power just to make me buy this product. I knew there was something about IntraMAX that would change my perspective about vitamin supplements. And I found that myself when I saw IntraMAX on

With thousands of brands and kinds of vitamin and mineral supplements one can discover online, nothing can really match IntraMAX Vitamin Supplement. Imagine, it has over 415 nutrients. That alone is one good reason to take this supplement every day. When I bought a bottle from, I was so excited to try it right away. When my order arrived on the same day I bought it online, I knew it won’t disappoint me. In fact, it exceeded my expectations.

I was even impressed that it had no metallic taste at all because the company that produces it has developed all-natural passion flavors to take away the metallic taste. Another feature that makes me enjoy this product is that it is taken in a liquid form. It’s like I’m just taking my daily dose of fruit juices. And since I'm a person who loves organic products so much, IntraMAX is the perfect healthy choice. This vitamin and mineral supplement is made of pure organic substances and is produced in America. More than 70-100% organically pure-trace materials can be found in this product.

When I did more research about this product, I realized that there’s much more about this supplement. I discovered that this product underwent extensive processes. Doctors have closely assessed its potential and benefits so that it would later become a product that is of high quality and has integrity. Fifteen years of dedicated research to develop this supplement is no joke.

In just two to three days of taking this supplement, I felt energized and strong. It’s the first time I felt that way for a very long time. I couldn’t even remember catching a cold or flu since I began using this product.  Surely, IntraMAX has reinforced my immune functions, restored balance in my body, and even made my skin glow. Honestly, I feel younger each day and my husband noticed that several times.

The more this supplement becomes part of my lifestyle and the more I see wonderful results, I keep telling myself that my cousin was indeed an angel sent from above. If not for her, I won’t discover the wonders of IntraMAX Organic Liquid Multivitamin.